Let’s create future together

Join the network that aims to create and find new paths to working life. We are forming a community where experts from different fields can refine their ideas and skills as well as grow and evolve towards their full potential.

Our Networks Behind New Growth community has operated in the Pirkanmaa area since 2021.

Community for you

Job Seekers

New opportunities

We’re forming a community that helps you to find your place at the job market and provides peer support for job seeking. We support developing your skills and building new networks.


New talents

We bring together job seekers and employers. Through our community, you are able to meet new talents interested in your industry as well as announce small projects and seasonal tasks.

Future Entrepreneurs

New business

Tuemme yrittäjähenkisiä osaajia ja ryhmiä uuden yrityksen perustamisessa. Kauttamme tapaat samanhenkisiä tekijöitä ja verkostoidut alueen toimijoiden kanssa. Tule luomaan itsellesi tiimi, täydentämään osaamistasi tai rakentamaan uutta liiketoimintaa.

See our introduction!


Service within your reach

We provide support to develop your skills and taking the first steps with your business ideas. We help you to reach your goals despite your industry. Our activities are formed around group-based coaching and individual sparring.

An Interest Group is a path to new work and growth

Interest Groups are at the core of our work. Those are communities that can be formed proactively or instructed. An interest in the same themes and desire to evolve are unitive elements in the Interest Groups.

What is your thing?

Community Agent coaches Interest Groups

Community Agent is a talent who’s excited about the theme of an interest group. They help groups and individuals to achieve their goals by utilizing their networks and know-how. Each Community Agent will be trained for the position.

Do you see yourself as a Community Agent?

You have a head to think and hands to do. Let’s go!

What drives you forward? What excites you? Are you hatching a new world-changing business idea? Do you have a skill but no clue how anyone would benefit from it? Or do you have a big dream but no idea where to start?

Do you desire a spark?

Seize the moment, go and find a new path!

We bring together people with mutual interests. Apply, and you can be one of the first ones to join the community of new talents. Contact us now with the form. Tell us about yourself and what would you like to do next. We will be in touch as soon as possible!



Oma visio -työpajat | syksyllä

Onko sinulla intohimo, jonka haluat muuttaa rahaksi tai taito jolla voisit tienata? Kaipaatko apua ja inspiraatiota aloittamiseen? Ideapajoissa on mukana omien yritystensä alkutaipaleesta kertomassa Matilda...


Behind the new growth: an expert network of employment and entrepreneurship

Tampereen kaupunki

The City of Tampere Employment and Growth Services is in responsible for organizing the new service model for employment. The aim is to better answer to the needs of today’s job markets by creating agile network-based solutions for collaboration.

Tribe Tampere

Tribe is an entrepreneurial community where startups, individuals and other organizations meet. Into the public sector employment service development Tribe brings with them an experience of internationality and networks.


Tampere Vocational College Tredu offers upper secondary level college education at the 14 campuses around the Tampere region. For the new service model, Tredu has an existing community of hundreds of future talents.


Enterprise Agency Ensimetri is a safe place to discuss ideas that could lead to starting a business. We will listen, evaluate and coach you to success in all steps of business. Ensimetri aims to create a community for entrepreneurship of a new age.

I’m looking forward to the formation of new groups and fantastic success stories. Meanwhile, we’re creating new ways of working in the networks.

Jaakko Pohjolainen

Project Manager, City of Tampere
+358 41 730 5973

Yhteisön ja yhteisöagenttien tuki sekä tarpeisiin räätälöitävät palvelut auttavat osallistujia kirkastamaan omaa ideaa. Toivon, että voimme näin auttaa mahdollisimman monia löytämään oman etenemissuuntansa.

Tiina Keskinen

Projektikoordinaattori, Tampereen kaupunki
+358 41 731 0713

It’s important to offer new kinds of networks for the students. The collaboration creates new ways and opportunities for future working life.

Emmi Salminen

Project Coordinator, Tredu
+358 41 730 0292

The networks will be an even more significant part of future working life. It’s inspiring to be part of creating new structures and services which participants can utilize in their path.

Nina “Ninnu” Erkkilä

Project Coordinator, Tribe Tampere
+358 50 412 3600

The experience and expertise of Ensimetri bring reliability and understanding for enabling new forms of entrepreneurship and self-employment in different life situations.

Jari Myllymäki

Project Coordinator, Ensimetri
+358 44 735 8220

On hienoa olla tukemassa opiskelijoita työelämään ja jatko-opintoihin siirtymisessä. Uusilla ryhmäpalvelumalleilla autamme opiskelijoita rakentamaan omia ura,- ja kumppaniverkostoja.

Marita Mäkelä

Project Coordinator, Tredu
+358 40 8062650

Our Goals


Proceeded Interest Groups


Community Agents


Participants in our events


Service Programmes

Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014-2020, Euroopan sosiaalirahasto

Networks Behind New Growth is a project started in the spring of 2021. The project is funded by the European Social Fund. The fund is granted until the autumn of 2023. This project aims to enhance the individuals’ and enterprises’ readiness for change as well as qualifications for employment. With its actions, the project enables community creation, collaboration and co-creation activities. As a result, new operating models for employment and entrepreneur services will be created.