Let’s create future together.

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Come as you are to build your own path to a new job and entrepreneurship!

encounters create something great

Come and find a like-minded group with whom you can start building your new path.

Support for entrepreneurial groups

Do you incubate a top idea in the group? You get support for clarifying, developing or testing a business idea - regardless of your field.

Don't fit the traditional mold?

Take control! You get a network-like customized service for you and your group to refine and implement your own business idea.


Take the opportunity and come and build your own path.

What drives you forward? What excites you? Are you hatching a new world-changing business idea? Do you have a skill but no clue how anyone would benefit from it? Or do you have a big dream but no idea where to start?

Sparring, mentoring, knowledge and skill – new growth needs an enabler.

Have you come across a group that could turn their own story into a new job? Are you an engaging and professional sparring partner who could help the group create work from their passion?

Tell us how you would bring active and idea-rich people together and form a team that we will hear about in the future.

Offer your service and come and develop innovative services with us, with which we help different groups and networks towards a new job or a new kind of entrepreneurship. We are looking for fellow travelers for members of our network!


Behind the new growth: an expert network of employment and entrepreneurship