RARE Dreams (vol 2 in English) | 10.11. at 17:30–20.30 @Cafe Raina

How to change the world by doing your own thing? Why does my vision and dreams matter? What is young entrepreneurship in the 2020s?

Many dreams and spontaneous ideas have led to something bigger than one person. But what does it take to make an idea come to reality? What do we need for sustainable entrepreneurship that inspires our generation?

We invite you to get inspired by speeches from young entrepreneurs Nastassja Huff and Joonas Leskelä and to discuss how entrepreneurship could be more diverse and how to make your vision into actual business. Join us to meet new like-minded people, share your thoughts and find new viewpoints!

The event is organized by the next generation media RARE in collaboration with our project Networks Behind New Growth / Uusi kasvu syntyy verkostoissa.


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